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VIOLETTINA is Obsessed with a REBEL -   Sampel size being offered! 1/8 oz  

Become obsessed with two incredible fragraces for $10.00  (prices does not include shippin)


 No Sythetics, No parabens, No animal Crulety - ever!



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     What is GREEN Beauty?   Green Beauty is an industry term.  Green in beauty means using products that contain no-toxins.  Although there are no links of chemicals that supports such claims, there is evidence that proves that parabens and synthics can increase the chance of certain cancers, or blood related illnesses.  There are many chemicals that are in our daily environments. Animals-bi-products, plastics, leads and dyes are easily absorbed through the skin.  Products such as lipsticks and perfumes contain harmful additives. EYE ON BEAUTY only offers products that are natural and chemical free.  High in color and vital nutrients are in all our products. Our Natural Body perfumes are alcohol and soy free.  Enjoy and endulge your senses in our Products. We are changing beauty to the New Essential Beauty for the Mind, body and soul.